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Our Biotech Stock Portfolio has Quadrupled the DOW since inception.

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Post ASCO the portfolio is now up 535% to June 3, 2015!

Dear Investor,

Investing in biotechnology need not be intimidating.  In fact with the right strategy and a focus on the actual trends driving the biggest successes in biotech it can actually be fairly simple and rewarding.  That was the message we brought to our inaugural members as we launched the Currin BIOTECH investment newsletter in 2010.

Well the results are in... and boy have we delivered. 

We compared our performance to all the investment newsletters tracked by industry watchdog The Hulbert Financial Digest and we have some pretty impressive results to report. To February 2013...


  • Since its launch the currinBIOTECH Cell Signaling and Cancer Stem Cell portfolio has outperformed nearly every investment newsletter tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest with a return of 292%.   

We launched 2 flagship portfolios with the biotech newsletter, The Cell Signaling and Cancer Stem Cell portfolio and the Personalized Medicine portfolio.  Here's a summary of these 2 portfolios to date.

Now Up 333%
in the 42 months thru January 2015

Near perfect portfolio winners with the average stock up 75%
to January 2015

When you deliver multiple stocks in a focused portfolio with 100% gains, it's easy to see why our performance is so much better than the performance of the broader market or that of our peers.   

We are not delivering some magic system to you.  Nor are we promising that we will teach you the secret timing of the FDA cycle to trade biotech stocks like a Jedi master.  While we certainly pay attention to events and catalysts relative to our stock picks, good luck with producing consistent results relying on gimmick strategies. While an active trader will find the product capable of delivering great results and actionable information for trades, the product is geared more toward longer term investors.  By way of example every stock featured in the table above has been held long term.

What we do is simple, straightforward, and repeatable.  We show you which stocks you want to own, tell you why should own them, explain the advantages of the company and tell you where to get in or out of the stock.  The bottom line is we do the hard work of the research and clearly present the information to you to make your investing decisions easier and more profitable.

Of course it's fundamental investing.  But in biotech we knew we'd need to do one more thing for our members geared toward long term investing.  We knew you had to understand the stock and its science well enough to feel comfortable with biotech stocks.  We think we've done that and so do our members. 


"I'm recommending this letter to anyone who asks how I'm doing in the market these days.    This is an excellent advisory especially in this area often overrun by penny stock charlatans.  Solid work on solid stock picks.  Keep it up."

Marty W.  - Ann Arbor

"Handing me so many stocks with more than a 50% gain in less than a year was more than I expected.  Great job."

David Sawyer - Toledo

"I do enjoy reading your writings, but more importantly I enjoy the profits I have had so far.  I have all eleven of your recommendations in your biotech portfolio.  My annualized return is 64.57%... 

 I am very, very satisfied with your stock selections." 

Bob George, Ohio


With big profits in hand already in 2012 we look forward to posting our 2nd anniversary update in early August.  In the meantime we hope we can have you on board for the big gains this time.

Our personalized medicine portfolio 

One of the great features of our biotech newsletter is the introduction of the personalized medicine portfolio.  Here you have access to the stocks we identified as fundamental investments that really have little concern over FDA approvals.  What they are concerned with is getting targeted drugs in the age of the human genome to market.  This targeting is the backbone of the most compelling and profitable advances you will see in biotech over the next decade.  But with the personalized medicine portfolio you don't have to wait that long to profit or fret over an FDA decision of a biotech drug.  How have our members done with these stocks?  The average stock in this portfolio is up 57%.

Success Makes Strategy Simple

Gains like this make it great for long term investors and perhaps even easier than that for traders.  With so many of our stock picks posting more than 50% - 150%  gains it can make any investment strategy easy to pair with our success.

A proven Investment Newsletter Team

As the editor of the sister publication Rick's Research newsletter we've had some pretty impressive results with biotech in the past.  Every biotech stock we ever featured there either delivered a billion dollar plus drug, was acquired by a large pharma for a nice profit on the shares, or saw its signature pipeline candidate get FDA approval.    With success there we responded to member interest in an exclusive biotech product to bring you currinBIOTECH and are very happy to be delivering the sector-focused results our members were clamoring for.

Our editorial team has been very familiar with topping the charts of the Hulbert Financial Digest.  Whether that was by turning in the #1 overall newsletter performance multiple times, by turning in the top portfolio of more than 600 tracked by Hulbert or by significantly outperforming the market in the financial crisis downturn and rebound, the editorial team has delivered the stock picks and investment research to allow outstanding market beating returns. 

At currinBIOTECH we have already delivered the market beating performance to outperform every investment newsletter tracked by Hulbert.  We are very proud to have transferred our past performance successes to a product solely focused on biotech and life sciences technology.  So too are our members who are enjoying the market-beating success we are delivering to them.


We would love to see you join the ranks of our market-beating members.  

Rick Currin
Editor, currinBIOTECH


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